Mildred the Apothecary

Seek unique gift ideas and product recommendations from the Old Op Shop's resident apothecary!

Salutations! I am Mildred, the Old Op’s resident Apothecary, here to help you find cures for what ails you.

Having started my career as an anatomical teaching skeleton, I have been with the museum, well, since it became a museum!

I have helped a wide variety of visitors, students, patients, medics, and even our Garret Ghosts, throughout the years.

So I think you’ll agree, there is no body better equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with time-tested cures for the modern world. 

Browse the ailments below, and depending what in particular is plaguing you these days, click through to see my recommended products.

An illustration of an old bottle whose label has a picture of a brain and the words doldrum and tedium

Doldrum & Tedium

Mildred the Apothecary Recommends: A selection of brain-boosting tomes

Warning: Side effects may include time travel, teleportation and general knowledge expansion.

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An illustration of a tin whose label has an anatomical drawing of the face and torso and the words unadorned body parts

Unadorned Body Parts

Mildred the Apothecary Recommends: Unique jewellery, decorations, garments, & curios

Warning: Embellishing body parts with unique decorations may cause excessive jealousy or curiosity in others.

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An illustration of an old glass bottle whose label has a distressed-looking skeleton on it plus the word restlessness


Mildred the Apothecary Recommends: An array of games, knickknacks and museum-inspired trinkets

Warning: Absorption in suggested activities may result in lost time, missed appointments and procrastination.

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An illustration of a wrapped box with a drawing of an eye and the words undernourished soul

Undernourished Soul

Mildred the Apothecary Recommends: Fortifying confections, tasty morsels and locally made delicacies

Warning: The Old Op Apothecary Shop takes no liability for how delicious and addictive these confections may be.

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An illustration of an old bottle whose label has a drawing of the nervous system plus the words fraught nerves

Fraught Nerves

Mildred the Apothecary Recommends: Potions, elixirs, tonics & tinctures

Warning: The Old Op Apothecary Shop cannot be held responsible for any insensibility or oblivion resulting from uncurbed relaxation.

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An illustration of an old jug bottle whose label has a diagram of a skull and the word mementos


Mildred the Apothecary Recommends: An array of exclusive museum memorabilia

Warning: Surgery and dissection should not be practised at home on family members, couriers, or neighbours’ pets.

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