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The Old Op Apothecary Shop

The Victorian Chemist and Druggist by J.W. Jackson

The Victorian Chemist and Druggist by J.W. Jackson

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This is a very informative short book on the Victorian Chemist and Druggist written by J.W. Jackson. After a brief introduction and description of the Victorian chemist and druggist's shop, this book describes and illustrates the items used and sold there. Articles sold over the counter included medicines, perfumes, and toiletries and a wide variety of objects used in the sickroom or nursery; most of the dispensing equipment and containers for the drugs used are now obsolete and are to be found in antique shops and at collector's fairs. The book also contains a chapter on medical and surgical instruments. All in all a good little book to read over a cup of coffee for those interested in the Victorian period.

Publisher: Osprey Publishing (Shire Library)
Number of pages: 32
ISBN: 9780852635834

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