Staff Gift Picks

Meet our wonderful museum staff and find out what their favourite product from the Old Op Apothecary Shop is!

 "The Old Op Apothecary Shop has so many top-quality products that define and promote who we are. I probably own too many of our products, from our facial oils to our jewellery, to our notebooks and books. Nevertheless, if I had to choose, I would say that the Museum's Guidebook and the Tote Bag are my favourites! They are beautiful and educational!"

- Dr. Monica Walker
Engagement & Front of House Manager

 "These notebooks are my favourite because they are inspired by the museum space, and created with local artists. I love how each image really tells our story."

- Jenni Hunt
Community Engagement Officer

 "My favourite product is the Cuterus keyring. I absolutely adore the plushies, and I actually have two of this particular product myself. I think she is the cutest and everyone should have one!"

- Kinga Szlama
Visitor Experience Officer

"This charming illustration by Katy Sleight on cards and notebooks shows part of the history of the Borough, Southwark. It shows St Thomas’ Church, the herb garett and and an audience watching surgery in the Old Operating Theatre. By Southwark Cathedral the medieval monks are tending their herb garden on the site of the original priority and first hospital."

- Sue
Welcome Host Volunteer

"My favourite Old Op Apothecary Shop items are the Salix Moon Pillow Potion and St. Eval lavender candles. The perfect bedtime combination to evade miasma (the bad smelling air often thought to be the cause of disease until the mid 19th century)!"

- Victoria Roch
Front of House Assistant

"The Family Physician; or, the whole art of curing diseases is my favourite item in the shop! You will be surprised how you can get treated by electrification and it only costs one shilling."

- Yu-Shih
Welcome Host Volunteer

"This fluffy twisty DNA plush toy showcases our individuality yet we all share 99% of our DNA.
I also love the Seasonal Bogies lemon sweets and grossing my friends out with them!"

- Parand
Welcome Host Volunteer

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